Skip Hill

Skip Hill is a mixed-media artist who creates his lyrical pictorials by harvesting imagery and design elements from various forms of graphic expression. Most often his art references exotic flora, Buddhist iconography, West African textiles, Mexican Calaveras motifs, Ukiyo woodcuts, tattoos, and Kanji calligraphy.

Wanderlust has taken Skip Hill to Mexico, Thailand, the Netherlands, Morocco, and Brazil. Hill’s travels, and the diverse cultures he has encountered, color his art with an international flavor and threads of folk art, jazz, and graffiti.

Travel to Brazil in 2012 spawned a new series titled “Under the Mango Tree.” In 2013 Skip was featured in “Soulbird,” a video profile produced by the OETA Network and aired on the arts program “Gallery.” Hill’s painting “The Dream Sower” entered the state of Oklahoma’s Permanent Art Collection in 2014.

Skip Hill’s art can be found in private and public collections in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Colombia, and the Netherlands.


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